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In our school we did not have A's, B's, C's and D's, The only A's I got - and this will be a little corny -
I've got their Attention, Approval, their Admiration, Approbation and their Applause

ha-p.com modifies this for the workplace

* Attention: Active listening with Empathy, Pay attention to others and their needs.
* Acceptance: Before attempting to change, accept what is, then take proactive action on what within your control and let go what is not. Accept yourself then others. As Carl Jung, the father of modern psychology said: "What you resist persists" .
* Appreciation: (and recognition. Catch them doing things right, and tell them what they did right, reinforcing the good. Coach with constructive feedback.
* Affection: bring the heart and passion to what you do, love your work and the people that work with you, giving affection multiplies when divided).
* Applause: Have you watched winning teams? They celebrate on the go. Every goal is a mini celebration on the road to success and accomplishments.

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