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source: http://exopermaculture.com/2011/08/31/george-carlin-on-alien-interviention-again/
source: http://www.skepticfriends.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=15376

I hope were interfered with again by the extraterrestrials and this time they help... I hope they say were going to do another genetic thing to you humans just like we did when we we taught you architecture...when suddenly you could lift stones up and build the pyramids...when suddenly you had mathematics and many other things...were going to do that again and this time were gonna help you folks...I hope that happens because then all those dreams that I dont quite have for humanity would come true, and that would be the best surprise that I could get.

Thanks Ann for putting it in words (see source above):
I love this little video, not just because he speaks of alien intervention (again) as the best thing that could happen to us, but Carlin is one of the few who stress what I also think is a very important distinction, that between "cynicism" and "skepticism."

Regarding his punch line about aliens, I have a feeling that Carlin was telling his truth, not just joking, and the unblinking, stony stare of the audience in response speaks volumes regarding the difference in consciousness between him and them.

Shasa: This is the only piece of Carlin's that constantly causes a lump to form in my throat. The Reason why I say hoped the hardest and fought the longest.

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