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Yoga of the Heart
~ Swami Sivananda Saraswati

The Lord is quite close to you in your heart. Live in Him. Feel yourself merge with Him. You can practice surrender by remembering and singing His name always.
Feel His presence everywhere. See Him in every face. Realize Him. That is your highest duty. Self-surrender leads to the highest stage of spiritual life.

There is no loss in total self-surrender. It is not at all a bad bargain; rather it is a mighty gain indeed. The Lord Himself becomes your own, but he wants your whole heart, fully charged with pure love in return.
So, purify your heart by serving humanity with nishkama bhava, the feeling of freedom from attachment to the fruits of your labour. Be kind to all. Restrain the senses. Speak the truth. Develop humility, patience and the spirit of self-sacrifice.

Yoga Of The Heart

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