Chorus : Seek the Lord when in trouble,
Seek the Lord midst your care,
Seek the Lord when you are happy,
Seek him everywhere.
When you wake at break of day
Just lift your heart and to Him say
“I don’t know what this day will bring
But Lord, I offer you everything.”
And when all your plans go wrong
O don’t complain, just sing this song –
“I’m disappointed, Lord, it’s true
But I accept it for love of You.”
And when you’re burdened down with care
Just whisper Him this little prayer –
“I’m worried Lord, what shall I do?
I think I’ll trust all things to You.”
When you’re happy and things are fine
Just sing to Him this little rhyme –
“O thank you Lord, You are so good,
O help me love You as I should.”

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