You can’t take back all the damage you’ve done and all the pain that you’ve caused. So you think that you’ve won but, i’m still here through it all.

To truly understand someone, you first have to imagine their life as your own. Only then can you begin to know who they are and the options they were given, from which they had to choose.

Do not go out of your way to overcome an obstacle, that doesn’t block your path.

If you want someone to catch you, you must first allow yourself to fall. They may not be the one you want. However, in the end they may be the one you need. After all, everyone else let you fall.

To have a strong heart is to live with no walls and deal with the pain. If you are still being hurt, there are still lessons to learn.

If you want love to be true, then remove your armor. You may be protected long enough to learn that they might be the one. But by that time, they may have passed you by. Your false representation mislead their heart.