Shakthi BV, Oct 10 2016 (to be expanded)

Often, anger crawls into our system and erodes peace. Anger elicits bitterness. You may be angry with someone for what you are today. Instead of trying to fix them, fix yourself. No point carrying so much in your soul. If you look in for a minute you will realise that your anger has made you ugly, bitter, stagnant and totally a different person.
Forgive yourself first in order to forgive others. Forgive yourself for allowing the other person to invade you and your dignity. Understand that it is your trust that made you give room to the other person to invade your dignity. Trusting is not wrong.

At the same time, forgive the other person too. Probably, there was a point where you failed to enhance the other person ‘s life. Somewhere, you may have been responsible for bringing out the ugly nature… You never know.
Hurt is always a two way process flow. If one outlet is blocked, the inlet becomes useless and the vice versa.
There is no point thinking of the one who breached your trust, all the time. There is no gain whatsoever in channeling your energy in trying to punish or spending time on finding out if there is the much desired misery in the other person’s life. You lose your peace, you forget your peace, and you feel like an obsessed, bitter and unhappy, pathetic person who has not grown over the years in any way.

Forgive… Yourself and those who hurt you. Be the better person. Rise above the ordinary. Explore your inner self and eliminate the trait that brings out the ugly side of the others.
You deserve joy. You deserve peace. You deserve a life enhancing yourself, not drowning in bitterness.

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