Thoughts On Deity

By A Spiritual Vagabond, 4 Aug 2017

Q) Does God exist?

God(s) exist. It’s the word Exist that needs revisiting. Exist not in the realm we live in, exist not in the human state we look for, exist not in any form of gender. But through the scriptures it is apparent that Hindu gods are beings, with a very high level of telepathy, very high level of intelligence, and extremely high level of mysticism. We need an out of the body experience to connect with them with an attitude of intense bhakti.

Q) What is God?

It’s not what, it is “Who is good”

The power of God is to find a bit of themselves on everyone and everything. Hence the bit that we have in ourselves is Atman. It’s like fire, the more you light, the strength of the new flames is as bright as that of the old flames. Atman is similar. It’s the life force that causes birth and death when it enters and exits the human body by the prescribed means.
Who is god, a being. In a diff world, diff plane, diff realm with diff characteristics. Goddess has the same force, manifests in various forms.

Q) Is there any meaning in prayer?

I don’t agree with the word prayer. It’s short-lived and it is a demand for something. The question is wrong or reasonably ignorant.

It’s a way of life, where bhakti takes over living. It’s not a 5 minute prayer expecting a miracle.

This questions answer cannot be written here. It is a journey to be experienced. It takes at least a lifetime to realize potential and get it right. When you start your spiritual journey, prayer doesn’t matter, faith does, surrender does.

Q) What is our purpose in life?

Our purpose. 🙂 Intense worship of the chosen god(s). For whatever duration of time until death. It’s to get the hell out off the karmic cycle… Never to be reborn again.

Q) Is there any meaning in astrology? Is it a science or just a fraud perpetuated by charlatans?

Astrology is supremely connected to living if we live right with the right rules and principles with extreme devotion. If you have it in you to live the correct way, with discipline, astrology will sing with you, else no, it will appear like a fraud. The dirt is in your head, the inadequacy is in your head, don’t blame the science.

There are certain truths, you can change the astrological map of your life if you do sincere worship. You can beget a child, live longer years, be happier if you are engrossed in deep faith. Predictions will change.

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