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source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIXfbprdX7gGLebgFfy5J7A

Hans Wilhelm has written and illustrated over 200 books for all ages with total sales of over 42 million copies in 30 languages. He is a lifelong learner and teacher of the spiritual laws and he has inspired audiences around the world with his life-affirming concepts.

Until we create pages per video with transcripts, here are his more popular ones

youtube: tUpmuqmeETk|Reincarnation (7 min)
youtube: EA5HLuvZNek|How Karma Works (9 min)
youtube: boiWnBlXJJA|Soulmates (5 min)
youtube: qTZiddD_SM4|Life Before Birth (6 min)
youtube: noGxBQBJYQY|Suicide (8 min)
youtube: NBaDkZAGBKw|Death and Dying (5 min)
youtube: dMHgm9C-sEU|Luciferian Doctrine (8 min)
youtube: FryEJIMc0ho|Loneliness (7 min)

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Hans Wilhelm
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