Legacy YM

I am bright, energetic and resourceful. I am loved by family and friends.

I have a wonderful career ahead of me and am lucky to have a job that I love and can excel at. I have a great boss and am excited to be in the education/evaluation sector. I look forward to my daily work with positivity and vigour.

I have a healthy routine of early morning exercise followed by walking and pranayama. I reach office by 10 and come home by 7. My evenings I spend with mom, dad and family.

I don't waste my time on the phone and all my internet time I keep to a minimum - maybe 15 mins after lunch. I read for a while before dinner and sometimes wake early to write.

I take great strides on weekends wrt my burning passion yieldmore.org, always balancing the human element. I also devote 2 hours on weekends to people who need a friend. I make one video a week and keep adding content. I'm confident of my future success and don't need validation from people who don't take the time to understand.

In this venture I am greatly aided by the wonderful people who support me esp the ones who take the idea to new places.

I also find time to devote to helping my father with the family business.

I'm crazy about family and friends and they give me the strength to carry on. I think often of my grandfathers and strive to make them proud with the right balance of personal - work - people and soul!

Imran, June 2017

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