Imran Ali Namazi


Imran, 10th August (with BalKrishna)

God has 2 abodes. One beyond the sickle of the Valar (ursa major), in the heavens that bore us. One here in the universe in every proton, neutron and electron that weaves it’s way entwined.

His divine spark is manifested in matter, in the Shoonya or void or ether, In the inanimate and elemental raw materials of the stars, In the protoplasm, polypeptides, In adenosine tri phosphate, In the carbon and adamantine atoms that coat the great abysses, in the web of CHON that covers the biosphere of this Earth. In the sea plankton and weed and coral, in the crab and jellyfish, olvar and kelvar of Tolkien’s imagining, ancient redwoods and banyans, beetles and ducks, sparrows and starfish, giraffes and gazelles, bears and bees, mitochondria and ganglia, axons and dendrites.

And the crown of Creation – mammalia with its cranium and cerebro spinal fluid. Reflex arcs and microcosms to mirror the universe in all its magnificence.

So what is God again? The dude we give credit for everything from the ant to the elephant to the blue whale? And what of his consort? Mother Nature! Him the potential, She the dynamic force in its full power of becoming.

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