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God Again, 14 Sep 2019

Do we lose God in existence, or fulfil existence in God? Thus asked my guru Sri Aurobindo when he said, there are two paths set at the feet of the Yogin.

Fulfil implies there is still an opportunity to fill to the full. When we fill our lives with good things, we are acting in a manner we can believe will be pleasing to Him. When we do not, we are only delaying the happiness we will know when we realize His bounties and see the beauty in life. Thus unfolds his Lila - the cosmic play!

So what is God again?

Him that holds the stars in the palm of his hands... but also Him who is stuck here on the 3rd rock from the Sun, sitting with us on the bus to the countryside, who is in the rosary the firefighter kisses as he dashes of to be heroic, who is in the imaginary kangaroo of a girl named Anouk, who watches over us as we lay down to sleep and gently washes away the cares of the day and refreshes us with a spirit indomitable to plot in the grandeur of tomorrow.

Yes, he is there in our sad moments and our happy ones. He pervades all, sanctions all, witnesses all. The wise ones say that when the modes of nature attain equilibrium, we sense a new closeness to God. I would think of this as being in flow state, with just enough vigour and zest to meet our need. Need I say more?

His love is so high, we cant get over it... Then why does he seem to abandon us? Let me tell u a secret, he never once abandoned us. We only cling more deeply to him when times are hard when all we need to do is accept life which flows all around us, with it's ups and downs. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Everything is transient, so embrace change, and as you become your better selves each day, try and remember He whose Divine Spark lies deep within your body, mind and psyche.

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