Legacy YM

Imran, 5th June 2017, à l'hopital


You filled up my senses then left. With my apprenticeship incomplete, I sought to replace you. Then today I learned that the germs you left inside my mind and heart had sprouted shoots. Your nature and grace have stained my soul. Rich, like those Medieval stained glass paintings that adorn the Cathedrals that house the weary - temples of that very God.

You were a father, a brother, a husband, a teacher, a healer, a friend and a mentor. You touched all our lives with your presence. We lived in your shelter and the warmth of your heart.

A year is now passed and nothing to fill that vacuum you left. Your ideals and dreams, your strivings and your sucesses.

The gauntlet thrown, with us to fulfil those combined dreams, dreams you helped shape and breathe life into.


Long years we spend togeher, and now a dozen have flown. In that time, how Ive missed thee and the days of our youth. The world spins on, that bond deepened by time. The memory still crystal clear, that bubbly laugh, the warmth of smile, that mirrored beauty, those carefree times.

A few years have passed and grow your children have into fine youngsters I wish to meet. To give back some of that love you bore to me.

Separation has only deepened that well in my heart - a clinging more tight to those strands of memory that remain.

A longing that follows my waking. A smile on my face when I awake and remember the dream of you. Welded together for all of eternity - my atoms and yours.

Cloudy Days

A creatue of all elements, nothing brings me more joy than water. Never was I so alive as those last three years of my youth, the first part I spent with you. On the crest of that elation, must I have crashed upon the shore? But happiness prevailed and all the pieces began falling into place.

Now I know the kind of woman I want and have devised the means to meld us together when the time comes.

Meld, meld, meld - that ancient ritual known by so many. The game goes on, the stakes ever higher, the caresses ever deeper, the quest renewed with vigour, the maidens ever sweeter. Plato planted solid in our midst. No desire left except the desire to embrace. All of humanity - strangers us all, passing swiftly before dawn.

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