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Shasa, for AC, 4th November 2017

8 billion particles constitute this Eä all bounded by love. The antithesis of love binds just as strongly but the time has come to reclaim that golden age where it has no purchase. These particles invent new ways to interact with each other. Some solid others liquid. Some cold some hot. All four versions of the binary for variety is the spice of life. Colours and shapes awhirl giving it artistic temperance. But through it all the bonding agent stays pristine and pure not diluted to the least degree. Just like van der Waals forces though seemingly weak they have the power to keep entire scale systems upright. And what scale systems these particles. Conquer space and all that's left is here and its in the here where the strength of these forces approaches infinity though its purpose seemingly befuddled and its bond seemingly frustrated. Through it all baseball has marked the time, stripping away all memory of the past and clearing away all aspirations for the future until all thats left is the eternal now. Persist with this quest to unravel the mystery of the atom and you will find eternal bliss, Nityananda!

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