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youtube: XPPdpa7YPuQ|Why the Founder of The Joy of Giving is not finding joy in the movement anymore, 12 Oct 2017
link: http://www.speakingtree.in/article/beyond-just-giving
source: https://twitter.com/jeroninio
source: https://www.facebook.com/iCONGO.Just.Another.Volunteer
link: https://legacy.yieldmore.org/wp-content/data/users/ethos/jeroninio/docs/201512-dec-tt-arrogant-charity.pdf|Think Tank Interview, Dec 2015 (pdf)

Why I find #NoJoy anymore in #TheJoyOfGiving mission I founded 15 years ago? kindly do read the piece and share it forward ( alongwith the attached article πŸ‘‡to spread the message of what The Real Joy Of Giving truly means so that people can understand and stop practicing it superficially.

After conceptualising and creating #TheJoyOfGiving mission in 2002, I am disappointed and distressed and truly find NO JOY in the way the #movement has been reduced to giving a little money in THE JOY OF GIVING WEEK or ON GIVING TUESDAY to a child's face promoted by some SMART and SHREWD FUNDRAISING organisation. Or organisations that encourage people to give #USEDCLOTHES and #OLDNEWSPAPERS which are then sold by these organisations for personal profit.

I have always said that it is not mindless, arrogant charity, but humble mindful social justice that is wanting in our world, where people do not just give money as a FEEL GOOD FACTOR or as a GUILT WASHING STATION but get involved with HEAD, HANDS and HEART to truly make a difference by GIVING TIME , EFFORT AND INVOLVEMENT.

Read the piece (speakingtree link above) to understand #THEREALJOYOFGIVING I wrote in speaking tree and a more detailed piece is attached below.πŸ‘‡ Kindly do share forward.

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