Jeroninio Almeida

201710 Oct


PUBLIC SERVICE ALERT (kindly read this and the attached piece, watch the video and share all 3 ?????? messages to create maximum awareness) : Dear Friends and fellow citizens of the world, Namaste! Many many moons ago, in 2010 I blew the whistle in TIME magazine, about how cool sounding international and big brand national NGOs are siphoning and / or squandering money raised in the name of a child through the now infamous CHILD SPONSORSHIP model. After which many aid agencies lost their licence to operate in India.

Having ideated and promoted the JOY OF GIVING movement, I find NO JOY in the mission anymore as the mission is being grossly misused to just raise funds without any accountability.

People are encouraged to give funds, old newspapers and used clothes, which are then sold in the second hand market for personal profit. The bigger the NGO the worse the administration cost that goes up to 80% for supporting the fancy travel and stay for meetings and awards ( yes strangely most of the NGO founders and management love applying and lobbying for every and any award under the sun as long as it gives them some glory and cash prizes. More time is spent on personal recognition than on impact.

That said it is the smaller NGOs that work in the Hinterland and back of beyond, who are creating huge impact with LITTLE or NO FUNDING. Unfortunately these NGOs and their firebrand leaders are unsung and never recognised. These are people who are actually living the JOY OF GIVING and RIGHTeveryWRONG values and are the ones who are worthy and deserving of your support. But you never get to know about them.

From the time we (a small gang of volunteers who have been pillars of support ) founded and promoted JOY OF GIVING, we have been sensitising people at large with this message “it is not mindless, arrogant charity, but humble mindful social justice that is wanting in our world”. To that we also add ” Please do not just give money, newspapers and used clothes as it makes no difference till you are involved to hold NGOs and their people accountable and ensure there is real impact on the ground. Most donors are just happy being satisfied with fancy annual reports that brag impact (but is missing on the ground) and show creative accounting to justify huge costs which are manipulated by the BIG accounting and audit firms in lieu of fees that they receive.

This is a bigger scam than government and business frauds and billions of dollars in aid money gets misappropriated every year.

So my humble request to you you is to be prudent, be wise and ask for accountability. What I am saying in the video hurts, because the truth always hurts. However if you understand and agree with what I am saying and are not the guilty , you would help me in spreading the word and ensuring that all NGOs, government, businesses and individuals become more responsible and help me to bring people together as ONE to RIGHTeveryWRONG.

I have trust that many of you will echo my sentiments and help us to hold aid money to accountability.

Thank you


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