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Imran - Mar 24 & 26 2018


Hi there, I'm Imran. Life is full of ups and downs and it's really hard to come up when we're down. We just don't know where to turn / what to latch on to and everybody is so busy with their lives / full of their own ideas on how to "fix" ours that we miss out on some timely help. And when we're up, we don't think to look around and find someone to help - someone whose problem we can relate to because we've "been there".

Here at YieldMore.org, we suggest a triad of helping - help us, take help from us, go pay it forward. A social experiment, we are a bunch of caring people, looking out for one another, in an inspired-to-act spirit of oneness and love.

"Collaborate and coexist, not compete", is one of our watch-phrases. As Steven Hawing put it - "Mankind’s greatest achievements have come about by talking". And today, we talk across the world and share ideas not just in person, but on the internet. We bring perspectives from all over in a way that's been called "dapple".

YieldMore is trying to streamline the way we use the internet - collaboration, careful editing, declutter and omission of the negative are the words we think of as we set out to share articles and stories, promote people and organizations and curate inspired works of art, all that's positive, uplifting and inspiring - the best of humankind's endeavours.

Were in the midst of human [r]evolution, living in blessed, magical times - the true re-naissance (rebirth) of the 21st century thats gonna make us a civilization par excellence.

Join us as we inspire others to lead an action-packed, "treat every day as you would your last" lifestyle full of learning, healing, sharing and LIVING!

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