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Shasa (Imran) - August 14th 2018 - on the eve of the Indian Independence Day, In the spirit of a future oneness for this world as outlined here.

Let's promise to really coalesce into one world as per our mandate and charter and make life "short and sweet".

They say with Freedom comes Responsibility. More than a 100 nations won their freedom this past century and with that, our responsibilities have increased manifold. We are responsible for our own happiness and release from strife. We are free to go to war, but there is no battle that doesn't reduce men to animals - so impossible to end!

War is to be hated in every form becacuse it brings out the worst in mankind. Thats why the cry back in the 60's was Make Love, Not War! But we've still not learnt to love one another. Not all of us, NOT YET! But we are heading in that direction. Many countries of the world are now uniting on the love front. We are measuring how much Goodness and Goodwill there is for our fellow humans. We have some nurturing values and are fostering Individual Development as well as Economic, Social and Environmental.

There's people building a "world without hate", and speaking for reform in the last religion thats struggling to throw away the last remnants of the dark ages. There's churches that sing simply "on this world, your blessing Lord" and songs that say "The promised land is waiting like a maiden that is soon to be a bride".

Not some abstract promised land that God Ordained (though for the believers, that's precisely how it will turn out), but one that we, humanity have to build (as from a dream).

So I say to you, we live in blessed magical times - the only moment we will ever have is NOW! It's all right here that we must clear off our karmic debris and live in the sunlit path - the path to fulfil our own goals and ambitions. Those of Learning, Healing, Sharing, Expressing, Loving and Yielding More!

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