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Bless us Father for we are undertaking to manifest your very Heaven... On Earth...

The Year before ULC was founded, my preceptor Sri Aurobindo (though I was born 33 years after his death), who maintains a living influence on my heart, had (through becoming one with the cosmic consciousness 8 years before) helped the occult forces manifest the "sur-homme" or OverMind on Earth.

I do not say it was He exclusively, but a bunch of souls that had attained Nirvana must have been a part of the labour that resulted in this sudden "wave of the sixties". And what of those souls here on Earth?

Where in the cosmic play were you when in 1958, we underwent a radical elevation in consciousness? I didn't know of this until 2015 when I read Patterns of the Present though I had always wondered about the 60s and had made reference to it several times.

Now that August 2018 (the time for Liberation as outlined here in the Charter, 2015) has passed, and so has September (the time when GoodCountry.org was formed), it falls on us [Lightworkers] to help remove the last collective hangover that humans face and "Live the Life Divine".

I appeal to you all to unify, enliven and promote the #MovementsInUnison as I have tried to in some small measure.

Biggest and furthest reaching of all is GC because its aim is to change the very fabric of society, economy and country.

I ask, what movements have you stood for and will you help us find each other and join hands?

Let us ever remember Thee.
Let us ever sing Thy glories.
Let Thy Name be ever on our lips.
Let us abide in Thee for ever and ever.
- Swami Sivananda


J Shasa Shivram,
28 Dec 2018

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