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Veena, 10 Feb 2017

You know who has the easiest life...a tight rope walker. Every moment that he is doing his job, he is conscious about maintaining a balance. Everyone else strives for it, without being aware that is what they are striving for. We are constantly walking a tightrope, just one misstep from falling off. Its the hottest self-awareness topic in the world with words like feeling centred, grounded, self-actualisation etc. being bandied about.

Which is the toughest relationship to balance. Most would say it is the one between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law. Quite a few would say it the son who feels the pressure of striking a balance between the mother and the wife.

Motherhood came naturally to me. The challenge was in striking the balance between being a mother and a wife. The newborn, unable to fend for herself, took most of my thoughts and energy, leaving little behind for the husband. After all, isint he an adult who should be able to fend for himself? It took a few years to realise that the fending is not always physical and that men, the poor creatures, need as much attention and pampering as a baby :)

Having A Child
Letting Go
Life Is Complicated
What Stops Us

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