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Veena, 12 Sep 2017

Why do we do something? A particular action of hours is triggered by the need/want/hope for a particular result. But while we control the action, the rest is not always what we desire. Action:Throw a stone in the hope of getting a mango. Potential Result: Mango. Yay, great. Stone comes back. Well, I tried. Stone comes back and hits you. Shit, that hurt. Stone hits someone else who comes and yells or worse, wallops you. That sucks! There could be so many more outcomes..the owner of the Mango tree could come into play etc. The list of possible outcomes is pretty long. One could be that you are walking under the tree and a mango plops down in front of you.

So what determines which result you get? Is that destiny? If the possibility of getting your desired result, the Mango, is so low, is there even a point to the action?

Desire and expectation are the root causes of a lot of angst in life. Did Bhudda get it right or did Krishna when he said karmanye vadhikaraste ma phaleshu kada chana?

Does believing in destiny make one lazy?

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