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By Veena, 13 Nov 2016

Right? Wrong. Life is as we make it. We are complicated if we use that phrase. Life is just a series of events that occur to you or around you or involving you. Or an event that you trigger. How you deal with it is what makes life the way you perceive it. The most complicated thing is to be simple, even though that sounds like an oxymoron.

Of course, that is simpler to say and more complicated to implement!

How do you simplify life. Integrity and your moral compass need to define how you approach things. It should not be coloured with pleasing everyone in your life, trying to control every event/situation, biases and negativity or approval from others/validation that you are right. Tougher than it sound. Your self-esteem has to be high and one way to get that is to have a checklist you stand and recite, standing in front of the mirror, multiple times every day, till you believe in your bones and no longer need validation, even from yourself, on who you are.

It is tough to be simple but once you get there, it's pretty simple :)

The question arises: what if you are surrounded by negativity, events undermining your self-esteem. Do you stay in the environment or remove yourself from it if the negativity is overwhelming? Easier decision if it is work-related but what if it is a relationship? Is the whole more important than you?

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