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Veena, 11 Sep 2017

If happiness is a state of being, what stops us from doing exactly what we want to do at any point of time? Society/other people:They don't live our lives, is it because we want to live in it? Family: what will they think of me or Is it that I want them in my life.
Is everything we don't do because we want to conform or because we are afraid of being alone?

When does it stop being simple? Once we become adults and are expected to fend for ourselves? One person. When we get into a relationship? Two people. When we get married and have children? 3 people. As we grow older and start taking care of in-laws? 5-6 people? Simple logic here says it gets more complicated as the number of people you are responsible for increases. Why then do we crave relationships?

Having A Child
Letting Go
Life Is Complicated
What Stops Us

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