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We hear this term a lot in modern new age and metaphysical works, but what exactly is Christ consciousness? Christ consciousness is a state of being. It is ones natural state of pure consciousness; it is when one is in a perfect balance between the spiritual and physical minds respectively. Why have these terms been attributed to beings such as Jesus, Krishna and the Buddha? These three luminous beings expressed their true selves perfectly, and other people of that time recognized that within them. Buddha was not the Buddha's name, he was Siddhartha Gautama, Krishna's name was Yadava and the name of Christ was Yeshua. The titles of Christ, Krishna, and Buddha are spiritual titles to emphasize the state of beings they all achieved while they were on earth. In the east it is common for enlightened masters to be given such titles.

Christ consciousness is a state of complete let go, it is a state when a man enters the unknown with such grace and fluency that he thrives in it. He knows that he will be given exactly what is relevant to the life he has chosen on a higher level to experience. He knows that he will know exactly what he needs to know at the perfect timing, if he just lets go and trusts in the will of his own spiritual mind. Christ consciousness, the present moment and the unknown are all synonymous.


A man cannot be Christ conscious if he is trapped in a mind that is constantly dwelling on the past or the false expectations and assumptions of the future. To be such bondage is what ego consciousness is. It is to be taken over by a sort of phantom self who pretends to be you; even though in most cases it is the complete opposite of who you truly are. The Christ within you is beyond time, enter the timeless by entering into the unknown by letting go of the egos belief that it needs to do all the work, when it does not! The egos job is to simply focus you in the present moment, allow the spiritual mind and your intuition to make all important and creative decisions for you.

One's negative social conditioning is what makes up the phantom self, or negative ego and when one begins to awaken with a greater awareness one begins to separate themselves from it. This creates a sort of split within oneself; you have your awareness on one side and the conditioning the physical mind has been inflicted with on the other. Working with the conditioning is how to transcend it and it is what this book is all about. Transforming those negative beliefs that create such limitation in your experience to perspectives that you know are true for you! When you can learn to be able to put the mind aside whenever you want, and go thoughtless at will then you are truly becoming Christ conscious.

Christ is your creative power, work with it by following that which brings you peace, which brings you love, which brings you joy and creativity. When one is in a creative flow, it can seem as if you are acting on autopilot, and that's because you are. Christ is working through you and I don't mean Jesus, I mean the formless Christ which really has no name but we humans just assign labels, symbols and people to aspects of God so we can relate to them. If you want to believe Jesus is working through you then you can, nothing wrong in doing so, because in essence he is. Everyone is because the Christ is the collective not just of the earth but the entire cosmos. Your own Christ consciousness is a wave on the cosmic ocean of infinity.

"No-mind is the Buddha; No-mind is the Christ." -Osho Rajneesh

Christ consciousness is the intelligence that creates the entire universe. It is our own Christ consciousness from our centre that projects out the reality we have chosen to experience. Physical reality is sort of a hologram and Christ consciousness is its intelligence, but that Christ intelligence comes from within you and nobody else. Christ consciousness is simply your true self as you are everything in your reality. Close your eyes and imagine the best possible version of yourself, that is you, the Christ conscious you, and he or she exists right now, you just have to realize that and make it manifest within you.


Krishna consciousness and the Buddha nature is the same thing as Christ consciousness, I am just using one term to keep things simple. You can actually label it anything you want; it doesn't matter because in truth the label is just a way to for us to relate to it. Jesus is an inspiration to all true seekers and I think this term is so popular mainly because of the great example that man gives us all during his sojourn on the earth.

"The Holy Trinity of Christianity - Father, Son, and Holy Ghost in relation to the ordinary concept of the incarnation of Jesus is wholly inexplicable without differentiating between Jesus the body and Jesus the vehicle in which the only begotten Son, Christ Consciousness, was manifested. Jesus himself makes such distinction when speaking of his body as the "son of man"; and of his soul, which was not circumscribed by the body but was one with the only begotten Christ Consciousness in all specks of vibration, as the "son of God." -Paramahansa Yogananda

Jesus is not the only son of God however, he stated himself many times, that we are his brothers and sisters, and if that is so then doesn't that make us Gods children also? What is the only son of God however is the Christ/Krishna consciousness. It is the only son of God because it is the only cosmic intelligence in the physical realm. So it's sort of a Mini-God, this is the true meaning of the term the "Son of God." In India in the Bhakti (Devotion) movement of Krishna, the Hare Krishna's call Krishna the "Supreme personality of Godhead." In truth, Krishna is the only personality of Godhead because there is only one. Both the Son of God and supreme personality of Godhead are the same thing; it is just different ways of defining the same, one cosmic conception of truth.

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