Hour of God

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The secret name of the Supreme Mahashakti signifies

 Love, Bliss,   Ananda Creative and  Chit-Tapas Formative Knowledge- Power Support,    Sat Covering, Pervasion 

For the Supreme is Ananda unifying Consciousness and Existence in the single Power (Shakti) of these things.

All is created by the Supreme Goddess, the Supreme and Original Mahashakti, all proceeds from her, all lives by her, all lives in her, even as she lives in all. All wisdom and knowledge are her wisdom and knowledge; all power is her power, all will and force her will and force, all action is her action, all movement her movement. All beings are portions of her power of existence.


Seven times seven are the planes of the Supreme Goddess, the steps of ascent and descent of the Divine Transcendent and Universal Adyashakti.

Above are the thriceseven supreme planes of Sat-Chit- Ananda , त्रिः सप्त परमा पदानि मातुः ; in between are the seven planes of the Divine Truth and Vastness, Mahad Brahma,


सत्यमृतं बृहत्; below are the thrice seven steps of the ascent

and descent into this evolutionary world of the earth existence. These three gradations are successively Supermind or Truth-Mind, with its seven suns; Life with its seven Lotuses; Earth with its seven Jewel-Centres.

The seven Lotuses are the seven chakras of the Tantric tradition, descending and ascending from Mind (Sahasradala, Ajna [,] Vishuddha, Anahata ) that takes up Life through Life in Force (Manipura, Swadhisthana) down to Life involved in Matter [(]Mūlādhāra[)].

All these Life-Centres are in themselves centres of Truth in Life even as the seven Suns are each a flaming heart of Truth in luminous Divine-Mind-Existence; but these lotuses have been veiled, closed, shut into their own occult energies by the Ignorance. Hence the obscurity, falsehood, death, suffering of our existence.

The Jewel-Centres of the Earth-Mother are seven luminous jewel-hearts of Truth in Substance; but they have been imprisoned in darkness, fossilised in immobility, veiled, closed, shut into their own occult energies by the hardness, darkness and inertia of the material Inconscience.

To liberate all these powers by the luminous and flaming descent of the suns of the Supermind and the release of the eighth Sun of Truth hidden in the Earth, in the darkness of the Inconscience, in the cavern of Vala and his Panis, this is the first step towards the restoration of the Earth Mother to her own divinity and the earth- existence to its native light, truth, life and bliss of immaculate Ananda .