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Dear Water User,

As you may already be aware, water is our most precious resource. The Earth is covered by 75% water and our bodies are made up of over 90% water.

Acidic body / water intake is the root cause of many illnesses including cancer and it's replacement by alkaline body / water can immediately help cure problems like diabetes, stress etc.

We offer for your kind perusal, a new system "Kangen Water" that creates molecule re-structured, ionized, hydrogen-rich, alkaline water with anti-oxidant properties which doesn't add impurities / chemicals to the water during the treatment process. We say "new" only because it may be new to you. The company has been around since the early '70s and has had much success creating healthier bodies and minds in markets like Japan, The Middle and Far East and America.

In Japan, a major percent of hospitals use "Kangen Water" to heal and speed up the recovery time of patients. It's benefits are manifold and wonderful and the water units (1 to 5 litres a minute depending on the model purchased) are of much value in public places like hospitals, restaurants, libraries, offices and residential complexes.

Do get in touch with us for a free sampling / testing of your water supply and consulting on the best solutions for its optimal use. A (non free) trial of our water can be arranged over a few days on request.

Kindly write to Vibha at svibha57@gmail.com or contact 9445267038 to put your mind at ease with regards to your water consumption.

Vibha S,
March 2019

Kangen Water

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