Poetrusic by Chaos

Mystic River

Mystic River – 19 May

They must have been just out of toddler hood
When they saw this boy unsullied for the last time
They couldn’t understand the anger awoken in him
As his grief a lifetime never assuaged or gave relief

What means the word family when the worst it brings out
Always hurting each other never knowing why we shout
A hundred wrongs I know of by adults who never meant it
And children who bear the brunt of it, goddamn it

Break the cycle of bad karma, forgive and be blessed
To leave the past behind and live a peace newfounded
What do we do to the monsters who beat or abuse
Or the ones who are not strong and feel defeated

We go on hurting each other
Making each other cry
Hurting each other
Without ever knowing why

So awake from your nightmares
Kiss yourself tightly
Look for love in the world around
And find everlasting peace