Spontaneous Love


Beaten, Imran, 6th Nov

With a not so gentle grip at her he didst vent
His deepest frustrations – his goodness all spent
What madness could ever create this horror for which
A lifetime he’d spend in going back to turn off the switch

And kill his stupid self for not knowing better
Than to hit a girl that too one who’d become a mother
I saw the boy behind the monster crying out desperate
To be held in someone’s regard, again by life to be tested

For the sense to take help when he needed it most
Lest his past came back to haunt like a deadly ghost
Painful pleasure as he saw his own flesh and blood play
Under summer skies making his heart malleable like clay

Beat each other now to show love and generosity to their kid
A kid so cute and bright and loveable as to never stay hid
Who in all this built a bridge for daddy to come back over
Resume his part in the march back to some grandeur

Beat each other to show love and generosity they did
Constantly being their best selves no skeletons hid
Or demons to drive them past the point of no return
A rollercoaster of pent emotions – nowhere to turn