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Mr Muneer Ahamed (gdmvindia@gmail.com / gdmvindia.com) , Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Press Reporter and former student of Film & Television Institute of India, PUNE and Film Institute of Chennai, Government of Tamil Nadu, with almost 50 years experience as a filmmaker, now wishes to make a feature film on the subject of Old Age. It is called the Burden of Love and his fans are eagerly awaiting its release.

He is actively seeking support for its funding and the general public may well espouse this cause because it is a much neglected topic that cuts so close to our hearts. Pre-production will begin in August 2018. It is planned to air by December of this year.

The pioneer of Geriatrics in India - Dr VS Natarajan with whom Mr Muneer Ahamed has had a close association these past 40 years, is a source of inspiration for this film.

Burden Of Love

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