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Journal of School Social Work was begun in 2002 and ran for 12 years until its Founder's demise in 2016. It's Editor E Sinu along with Imran its web developer, have together, 2 years later begun this Journals of Social Work (hosted at yieldmore.org/jsw/) to continue his Legacy dream of beginning an All India Journal of Social Work.

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Our mission is to make schooling a pleasurable experience for the millions of Indian children. Let us all work together to make schools hassle free and let us empower children to know their rights so that no one CAN take them for granted and EXPLOIT them.

Apart from group discussions if anyone has any personal problem, you are welcome to contact the moderator Prof Naidu PJ at jssw.india@gmail.com. But please use it only when it is absolutely personal and confidential.

Prof Naidu PJ, Retired Psychiatric Social Worker and Editor of Journal of School Social Work

An initiative to network parents and teachers for the benefit of millions of children of India.

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