Legacy YM

  1. Yama (moral conduct): noninjury to others, truthfulness, nonstealing, continence, and noncovetousness.
  2. Niyama (religious observances): purity of body and mind, contentment in all circumstances, self-discipline, self-study (contemplation), and devotion to God and guru.
  3. Asana: right posture.
  4. Pranayama: control of prana, the subtle life currents in the body.
  5. Pratyahara: interiorization through withdrawal of the senses from external objects.
  6. Dharana: focused concentration; holding the mind to one thought or object.
  7. Dhyana: meditation, absorption in the vast perception of God in one of His infinite aspects  - Bliss, Peace, Cosmic Light, Cosmic Sound, Love, Wisdom, etc.  - all-pervading throughout the whole universe.
  8. Samadhi: superconscious experience of the oneness of the individualized soul with Cosmic Spirit.

Eightfold Path
Yoga Nidra

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