Legacy YM

-AnupAm JhA (circa 2015)

In my opinion there are three rules that govern
the entire universe ! They are the following:
• Time
• Change
• Balance

Time as we all know is not constant it always keeps flowing.

Change will always occurs with passage of time.

Balance must be maintained during the change.

The entire universe constantly tries or rather maintains BALANCE with the passage of TIME and CHANGE. This is true even down to the atom!

We can see this all around us ever evolving life for example with passage of time a sea can or will be changed into a desert and to maintain its survival life evolve to maintain the balance in order to live. CHANGE IS PERMANENT & LIFE ALWAYS FINDS A WAY. It is all about maintaining the balance which is the perfect definition of the sanskrit word NYAY! As many people think this word does not mean justice or right and wrong it in fact is balance.Anything can or should be done to preserve this balance nothing is right or wrong to maintain this balance.As mentioned in the oldest and greatest epic ever written MAHABHARATH where to maintain their way of life (DHARM) five brothers wage a war with their hundred cousins and they adopt various means to defeat or rather finish the other way of thought.

It is all so simple when you think about it. The war was never about right or wrong but simply to maintain balance .It is painly and in simple words mentioned by the sarathi the driver Krishna in Bhagwad Gita to hisrathi the rider Arjuna who was known to follow rules to the core! And that is the reason why it was called a dharm yudh not anything else.

If we look all around us we see this in action right from the lil bacteria to the black holes all looking to become stable by achieveng balance in their lifetime.I personally think if there was no flow of time or no change there will be no need for balance everything would simply exist forever just like E.R.Braithwaite once wrote 'A man without goal is just walking in the street dragging his soul behind him like a torn piece of coat'. That is main reason we all live to find out what or where is our place in this whole balance wheel of the Universe.Even the smallest atom to the biggest planet needs to find its place if not it leads to their own destruction directly or indirectly.

The only place I have found any mention of this is in the RIG VED later on in Buddh Dharm, Bhagwad Gita, Thirukurral and maybe a few more texts written in Bharath maybe in else where too of which I don't know of BUT definitely not mentioned anywhere else in the west,where their way of life is pretty complicated kill or be killed,another one is live and let live they both seem to contradict each other so much. George Carlin has mentioned this so perfectly in his monologue so many times about this. One such of his line I like so much is the major reason there are so many religious wars is that: Two people meet and one says, "My God's dick is bigger than your God's dick!". Then he shoots the other and just walks away. The military cemeteries around the world is filled with so many soldiers who believed in this ideology that,"Their God is right and is on their side.".Wow it was just an eye opener he truly was a MASTER!

Time and time again this keeps coming up and very few are able to see then realise it.Maybe it is because of the present day education system that has brain washed all our "free thinking".Well come to think of it seems that way. So what does the school really teach us:
It All makes sense when you come to think of It !

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