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Dear Patrons,

Greetings from CHILD & Blink Research and Services!

Learning Disability (Dyslexia) is often termed as a hidden handicap, though to affect around 10-12% of the population. Some dyslexic adults have literacy problems and their problems exists or continues to tag along with them like erratic spelling, difficulty in comprehending written material, difficulty to scan or skim text etc. The positive side is their ‘hidden potential’- of that there is a range of skills which include big picture thinking, problem solving skills, lateral thinking, originality, creativity and an instinctive understanding of how things work etc. Famous individuals with Learning Disabilities include Albert Einstein, Agatha Christie, Tom Cruise, artists, architects, engineers, entrepreneurs, and sportsmen. Not all with dyslexia will have outstanding talents but all will have comparative strengths and a determination to achieve.

Blink Research and Services (BRS) is a start-up attempting to promote child development strategies and practices that will help reach out to all children, not leaving behind any. Thus its interest in attending to children with learning difficulties. In order to complement the focus on these children, BRS has partnered with a reputed institution – CHILD (Centre for Holistic Integrated Learning and Development). CHILD was established to aid the lives of such children with a mission ‘No child is left behind’. It is in this context, CHILD along with Blink Research and Services (BRS) is conducting Trika’16, an International Conference, first time in India, on the theme –“Empowering to Empower” - Empowering Adults with Dyslexia towards Sustainable Development. The focus is on the topics that will help students take the transition from college to employment smoothly. The conference is scheduled on Saturday, 17th December 2016 in Loyola College, from 8:30 am to 5 pm.

We would like to invite you to become a sponsor for this noble cause, as the generosity of individuals like you makes events like these successful. A high level of experts in this field will share their expertise to the delegates. We are expecting a delegate registration of 300 people. We are also bringing out a souvenir that will be distributed to the participants at the conference. We invite you to be a partner with us in this event. In this document are options designed to assist you in finding the right level for your budget and your time. Please review and let us know.

Thank you in advance for your valuable time.

Jayashree Ashok,
Founder, CHILD
+91 98408 15265

Arun Fernandez,
Managing Director, BRS


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