201901 A Proud Mama

My nephew Neerav Anoop Jajoo has really grown up today, he spent his birthday celebration money in contributing to needs of orphanage kids at Jalna, Maharashtra, India.

Just last week, my nephew’s friend had a grand birthday celebration. They had apparently chosen a uniform theme of a sport, created cakes and distributed return gifts in the same theme.

Neerav was ranting to have a similar birthday celebration, even grander where he wanted to take them to places and celebrate for three days in a row.
My brother-in-law and sister are, by God’s grace, well off to afford such a celebration. However, they did not want him to embark a journey of comparison or spend in a way that makes him look or feel better in his 8-year old social circle.

They asked him if he would be fine to celebrate his birthday in an unique way, by spending the same amount on something that could create higher value for people who require it more than his well-to-do friends.
They then bought monthly expense items like toothpaste, oil, soap, biscuits, and others in bulk and Neerav’s younger 6 year old brother Nidhish also helped pack them in different packets, driving ownership in the act.
Both then happily drove off to distribute them at the nearby orphanages.
They could see instant happiness on the orphanage children’s faces and felt a higher sense of joy and satisfaction.

Witnessing the innocent happiness with which children received them, Neerav says he wants to celebrate all his future birthday’s with orphanage kids.
It helps the kids value their life better and also create a difference in a small positive way. I am glad Neerav is out of the social pressure rut and am pretty sure his younger sibling would follow suit.

Children are like clay, it is our responsibility to nurture and mould them in the right way.

PS- When giving to the needy, keep the camera at home. I had asked my sister not to click pictures as then it would more be a way of us showing what a great deed we performed than the act itself, the orphanage management suggested otherwise. They wanted us to share it in all possible ways so that people who do want to contribute, do not end up buying just expensive toys as return gifts.
Request you to share this positive act, spread a message of love and compassion.

A Proud Mama,
Vinay Mantri, 29 Jan 2019