[Self] Guided Rejuvenations / Affirmations

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This program helps you change your thinking vocabulary. Remove the negative impressions and thoughts, think hard about your wellness in all facets namely Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, Professional, Financial, Environmental & Social. Lay out in clear words what motivates you, what your goals are, how your working to get them, what gives you peace of mind.

Then record these words and play them back to yourself everyday until your convictions are marrow deep / you feel it in your gut. The affirmations template runs as follows, can always be expanded.

* My core values are…
* My values are…
* I live for…
* My qualitative goals include…
* I am unique in that I…
* My relation to a higher purpose or God is that…

Fill it and then get in touch with me, Imran, at +91-9841223313. My June 2017 Affirmation is at the link above.



We help organize various activities in schools. With teachers day coming up on Sep 5th in India, the Journal of School Social Work is trying to get children to send their favourite teacher a postcard. For more details, click here.

We also canvas for the Blink Foundation that conducts an interesting change class in schools where college volunteers (Change Agents) look to do away with social differences and promote acceptance, harmony and unity.

For schools, there is also the Pledge Festival organized every Constitution Day (26th November) by the Build India Group.

YieldMore, in 2015, compiled a list of songs (non romantic) to be shared with children. You can also find some on our youtube channel.

Instrumental Enrichment

source: acd.icelp.info

Instrumental Enrichment (IE) is a cognitive intervention program that can be used both individually and in within the classroom. The IE program has been successfully used worldwide as a tool for the enhancement of learning potential and cognitive functioning of children and adults. For individuals with special needs, IE is used as a remidiation program; for higher functioning learners, IE is an enrichment tool. To date, the IE program has been successfully used in the following frameworks;

Enrichment programs for underachieving, regular and gifted children

Learning enahncement programs for immigrant and cultural minority students

Remedial programs for special needs children

Cognitive rehabilitation of brain injured individuals and psychiatric patients

Professional training and retraining programs in the industrial, military and business sectors

IE as a classroom curriculum is aimed at enhancing students’ cognitive functions necessary for academic learning and achievement. The fundamental assumption of the program is that intelligence is dynamic and modifiable, not static or fixed. The IE program seeks to correct the deficiencies in fundamental thinking skills, provides students with the concepts, skills, strategies, operations and techniques necessary to function as independent learners, increase their motivation, develop metacognition – in short, to “learn how to learn.”

IE materials are organized into 14 different instruments that comprise of paper and pencil tasks aimed at such specific cognitive domains as analytic perception, orientation in space and time, comparison, classification and more. Deliberately free of specific subject matter, the IE tasks are intended to be more readily transferable to all educational and everyday life situations. The IE materials and teacher manuals have received worldwide recognition and have been translated into 17 languages including all major European and some Asian languages. In addition, there is a Braille version of the IE tools for blind learners.

Brainsync – Kelly Howell

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youtube: The Secret Universal Mind Meditation
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