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Classifieds / C9S (CNS) is a page on YieldMore.org where people can post (by writing into us) stuff along with their contact details.


WhoIsHussain is collecting money to fund heart operations for Iraqi children with congenital problems. This was already done 2 years ago in Bangalore. Discover the "Joy of Giving" with then this Ramadan.


2018 June 2 - A Day for the Elderly women and Widows - Loyola Relief and Rehabilitation Services

Ways to help our community

We are looking for funds to
* Pay people for supporting us with our podcasts.
* Donate to the many not-for-profits that we support, including spanda.org, buildindiagroup.org, ankuram-mandir.org, jobsfordyslexics, healingforhaiti, seamovement.org etc
* Pay for time spent developing the Guided Rejuvenation (Gaia Series).

Job Seekers

The following friends are looking for Jobs: John (a trainer / ops lead), Bharath (a delivery / project manager), Adam.

Concerned Citizens
Give Life
Media For Social Change
People Wanted Ym
Public Transport Study

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