We want INTERNS, VOLUNTEERS & PROFESSIONALS to work in our “Joint (and for the most part virtual) Office” to help curate, develop and promote and ANY/ALL NGOs, Organizations and Individuals that do a good job in the world around.

We dont expect any one person to know all the ideas listed below and we believe anyone can learn any skill on the job if we’re doing ours right… so here is the Job Description 🙂 :

* Content researching and writing
* Reposting articles searched or submitted
* Helping authors write and upload their articles
* Interviewing and making videos for PILLARS
* Developing websites in .Net / PHP / WordPress
* Creating visuals for Social Media
* Organizing and promoting events
* Planning fundraisers for NGOs (not-for-profits)
* Finding and onboarding cause partners + the public


These can be done freely (pro bono), for exchange of favours or for money.