Legacy YM

We've built a network of educated, charismatic adults who have a passion and flair for the English language, who are interested in teaching the nuances, not just for better communication at work, but as a tool enabling us to better understand the ideas that abound in the works we see around us (books, novels, movies). These ideas are important because they can change our perception of ourselves and the world around us, towards a more synergetic and holistic collective.

Language is the most important because it is through it that we process over 50,000 thoughts a day, converse with our families, interact with our colleagues and customers and try and impress our boss. Its how we relax (music / browsing the internet / movies) and chat with our friends.

Here at PeaceWorks, a YM initiative, we have trainers who can not only make you / your employees more easily understand and fluently speak to effect the day to day work, making more efficient communicators, but also instil a spirit of exploration and an ever growing quest for refining their language. Curate YM exists for the purpose of giving you a place to explore new and interesting content.

To know more about the syllabus and what areas can be worked upon, please contact one of our trainers direct
* Mustafa - 9840023721
* Christine - 9840231722
* Rani - 9952912041

Classes can be done from the comfort of your home / during a break at work either over the phone / skype / whatsapp. It can be spoken sessions or typed/emailed ones. Once a week, you could have in-person classes to further enhance the learning experience. We make all our students do the freewriting exercise regularly and suggest improvements. To begin, you could simply send 10 lines on any topic of your choice to shasa@cselian.com.

Courses are individually tailored based on individuals level and need and are charged at Rs 500/hour payable in 2-weekly or monthly advance direct to the trainer/tutor. A certificate will be provided by YieldMore.org upon completion, stating how many hours / weeks it was conducted for, what level was achieved etc.

For discussing corporate or bulk classes or registering as a trainer, please contact Imran at 9566166880.


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