Legacy YM

Mentoring, Training, Guiding and Counselling

The aim of YieldMore.org is to facilitate the improvement of the quality of life for everyone. We believe in a process of steady and continuous improvement in the various aspects of life for individuals, groups and organizations.

To further this goal, we not only write and republish articles and curate content on our website and youtube channels, but also have built a directory of people capable of not just imparting skills / helping you, but also who can guide you to living a more empowered and fulfilling life. We believe in enabling people in all facets of FEPSI which includes

This holistic approach through direct one on one / group Mentoring, Training, Guiding and Counselling, along with the main arms of YieldMore.org which is Curation - digesting / selecting positive information and ideas from the world at large, and Content Development - writing articles and making gists / videos, we call the YieldMore Advantage.

We believe in a personal path to progress for everyone, whether they join us at the User / Player / Pillar level.
To see who we have on our Network, visit: https://legacy.yieldmore.org/peaceworks/people/ and to see the content that makes us stand apart, visit https://legacy.yieldmore.org/ and https://legacy.yieldmore.org/yt (YouTube)

To know more about what we can do for you and why we’re the best option, please contact Imran at 9566166880 / send an email to shasa@cselian.com.

Do note that we have people with the passion and intuition who have recently begun their journey of helping others, so don’t be surprised to find a guide younger than you. We select the best and let you choose

Thanking you for your consideration,
Imran Ali Namazi,
Chief Curator,
Jan 15th 2018


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