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Born on 6 January 1883 and died on 10 April 1931, Khalil Gibran was an artist, poet and writer. He was born in Lebanon and spent much of his productive life in the United States.

For Khalil Gibran no single religious tradition revealed the whole truth about life so he wove together insights from Eastern Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, American Transcendentalism, and the folklore of his native Lebanon to create his own universal "Anthem of Humanity" … he attacks narrow-mindedness, clerical hypocrisy and political injustice, and issues a declaration of faith in life itself. - Juan R. I. Cole

In truth, The Prophet is a work of such universal appeal that there is little to be gained from speculating on the identity of persons or places represented in it. For Gibran's purpose was a lofty one, and his belief in the 'unity of being', which led him to call for universal fellowship and the unification of the human race, is a message which retains its potency today as do the messages of all great poets. Inspired by his experiences in a country far from the land of his origins, he strove to resolve cultural and human conflict, in the process developing a unique genre of writing, and transcending the barriers of East and West as few have done before or since. He became not only Gibran of Lebanon, but Gibran of America, indeed Gibran the voice of global consciousness: a voice which increasingly demands to be heard in the continuing Age of Anxiety. - Dr. Suheil Bashrui
- Quotes about Gibran

Added to YieldMore in 2011, The Prophet is his best known book. See the Garden of the Prophet which was a sequel. Don't miss the quotes and his piece on liberty.

His chapters on love and marriage make a good read for weddings. Speaking of weddings, don't miss our very own Shasa's Gratitude for Partners.

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