Legacy YM

Part of a letter written to Tracey, begun on 22 Sep 2015 and read out at Puja's wedding on 20 Dec 2015 a few days after it was completed. Think of it as a prologue to gratitude.

For what is life without love? That joy of sharing an intimacy known by so many - simple, wild and beautiful. I need you and you need me, I guess that's a pretty good start - CR. Hope that warm feeling is mutual and that it lasts. To have and to hold in sickness and in health.

To inspire each other to enact new themes of kindness, love, joy and sharing. To anticipate each others needs, listen to views and problems and fears and dreams. To never really know where the one ends and the other begins.

To learn from each other and share strengths and sillinesses, but mostly zest, gaiety and courage.

To nurture and augment and to jointly leap into the fray of life.

And today the 27th of December, a piece written for Puja and Aditya, but also, for all couples.

When we're hungry, love will keep us alive.

Because we will invent new ways to stretch that last buck, courage to face life's travails, build safety nets around us to protect our partners, make slight of all the problems around and forge the best in each other.

With renewed vigour and joie de vivre we will entrench ourselves in each other's hearts, fly like turtle doves on the wings of tomorrow.

To find and to requit love and to make it's expression our raison d'etre. To have and to hold, to cherish and to uplift, in joy and in sorrow, to enmesh our lives, through pain and pleasure, through ourselves and our loved ones, forever and forever.


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