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"Words cannot capture existence, but Silence can." --Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

To really experience 'rest' and relaxation, one must partake in this program. It is amazing to see what results from experiencing deep rest. When you can truly calm your mind and let go - unbelievable results can happen. You feel more aware, more focused and centered. In this program you will experience the power of silence and deep meditation. In periods of silence, our ever-changing thoughts come to a rest, our mind becomes clear and deep joy arises. The practice of silence has long been known as a great tool for enhancing self-discovery, reviving energy and enthusiasm, and providing deep rest for the mind and body. During the course you will dive deeper into your self... and come back out of the experience refreshed in body, mind and spirit.

Held over five days, Part 2 deepens and extends the knowledge and experiences gained in Part 1. It offers an opportunity for true relaxation, and is a time of deep silence and meditation.

C1 Root
C2 Navel
C3 Solar Plexus
C4 Heart
C5 Throat
C6 Third Eye
C7 Crown
Mind And Prayer

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