Sri Aurobindo

Overman Foundation

Introduction to Sri Aurobindo Studies: A Certificate Course


A programme conducted in the correspondence format intended to be an introduction to Sri Aurobindo and his thoughts and work for persons interested in having an easy first glimpse.


The programme is organized and conducted jointly by Overman Foundation, Kolkata, India’s only online research organization on Sri Aurobindo and Sri Aurobindo Sakti Centre, New Alipore, Kolkata, a Sri Aurobindo centre engaged in spread of education and culture on the ideas and ideals of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.


In the Programme, TWO modules are on offer at present as follows:


1. Sri Aurobindo and the Vedas
2. Sri Aurobindo’s Life Divine: A Study
3. Sri Aurobindo’s Interpretation of the Gita
4. Sri Aurobindo and the Poetry of the Future
5. Sri Aurobindo and the Synthesis of Yoga
6. Sri Aurobindo and the Indian Tradition
7. The Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo
8. The Poetry of Sri Aurobindo
9. Sri Aurobindo and Man’s Socio-Political Development
10. The Teachings of Sri Aurobindo


1. Sri Aurobindo’s Concept of Human Unity
2. Sri Aurobindo on Education
3. Sri Aurobindo on Art
4. Sri Aurobindo and Aesthetics
5. Sri Aurobindo and History
6. Sri Aurobindo and the Upanishads
7. Sri Aurobindo and the Crisis of Modern Man
8. A Summary of Savitri
9. Sri Aurobindo’s Vision of Supermanhood
10. Yoga and Human Evolution

A participant can register for either one or both modules.

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