Heil Ram


I am frustrated with the public dialog occopying everyones’s mind space the so called secular and the so called non secular and it’s impact on the Hindu way of life, both sides have not paused to think, each so caught up in their own games. It’s important that an alternate takes up center stage, so that folks start to think of what’s really relevant which to me is the pursuit of joy and the spreading of happiness, which is getting ignored. More and more people must blog to awaken people and move them from these distractions. It is a lost cause if the Hindu looses himself to his ego and forgets that the essence is deliverance from its bonds, so in fighting to preserve something he looses it ! Have never blogged, but the two sided extrem pointless debate stirred me, maybe time to start?

There is no doubt that India is perhaps one of the most tolerant countries in the world and I am proud of it, always have been and always will be. Having said that, our concepts of race; cast etc are unique and most folks would take offense at what we consider normal, Indians call each other names by white standards and no one minds, we call each other Mallu; Panju Bong and what not and make jokes, no one except some stupid folks even pay attention, this is a unique Indian concept which few will understand. However there is certainly a school of thought which treats our lack of aggression as a weakness rather than a strength. This was always there though the debate was behind closed doors but of late it has come out in the open, probably because these groups FEEL the Govt identifies with their cause, this is where this feeling of “so called intolerance” takes root. All it takes is for government to stop this, but it’s easier said than done, as this is a lobby they cannot insult. There is a lot of talk of insulting the Hindu belief system, anyone who has read even a bit of Vedic text (translated) will understand that there was never a compulsion to believe, rather we were encouraged to seek and break free and liberate ourselves and not FOLLOW, what does upset me is an artificial method of type casting what is supposed to be a Hindu way, when clearly there is no such thing. I feel sad that we are unable to use our strength and shout at the top of our voices that we are different and DO NOT feel the need to bunch together to be treated as one entity. But then politicians of all hues and colors are the same and feel the need to make us feel insecure in order to say they have fixed something, as more Indians say NO THANK YOU, these guys (all parties included) would stop this nonsense and actually work for what they were elected. History has shown that when a majority feel insecure there is always hell to pay, let us hope for the sake of our children this does not happen, though the chances are remote cause as I said before Indians are very tolerant!

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