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By Veena, Sep 17th 2017

Is certainly not for the weak hearted. If at all there is anything that makes you question every single decision, double check everything, doubt yourself every single minute, it is parenting. It has the capacity to single handedly reduce you to an idiot, similar to the ones you used to see in malls and restaurants.

Few things every parent should keep in mind:

1. Kids don't know if you are right or wrong.
2. Kids are super resilient.
3. Eating a little less or more or a little junk makes no different. Dont obsess about it.
4. A little dirt doesn't hurt. Let them explore.
5. The only people embarrassed by kids in public places are the parents. Choose not to be. They are kids and if other folks don't get it, it is their problem. Yes, good behaviour is important but they learn, sooner or later. Yelling at yelling kids: guess who folks laugh at.
6. Don't make the kids fights yours (unless it is physical). Just like water, they will find their level and learn to survive.
7. Education is important but life is the greatest teacher. Keep things in perspective.
8. Dont rush them from one class to the next. Give them time to just be kids and enjoy life. Be a kid yourself and discover the joy of living, enjoying the simple pleasures of life.
9. Dont overburden with toys. Give them Chappati dough and colours and let their imagination fly.
10. Don't be so hard on yourself. Give yourself a break.

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