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Truth Alone Triumphs (Our Values), Imran, 1 Mar 2018

1. We join together to serve this land, not our self interests
2. We will not denounce other people rather seek to inspire them with our love and dedication
3. ?We will spend frugally and be completely open and honest in all transactions
4. ?We believe that inclusion should be based on aspiration, leadership and passion for a cause
5. ?We believe in total freedoms, swift grievance redressal and corrective not punitive measures
6. We shall strive to consider our natural ecosystem in all that we do and seek to reduce our impact on nature
7. ?We shall treat everyone with courtesy
8. ?We shall not impose too harshly our sentiments on the killing for food while still encouraging people to experiment with a meat free diet
9. ?We shall take our responsibility to our citizens and sister countries seriously
10. ?We will strive for peace and ahimsa in all that we do and insist on everyone being kind and amicable to each other
11. ?We will celebrate our differences and go out of our way to be hospitable to any sort of guest
12. ?We will be sincere, honest and soulful in all our interactions
13. ?We will filter out all we encounter on a screen of good and only encourage the wholesome.
14. ?We will do our utmost to educate and uplift the masses
15. ?We shall never tire from doing our duty to ourselves, our families, our communities, our geographies, our neighbours and even the world at large
16. ?We shall preserve our culture and values bringing new expressions of the arts and showing more of our humanity with each passing day
17. ?We will not squander our talents or resources on frivolous or petty desires
18. ?We shall seek to coexist peacefully with everyone and not let them influence us negatively
19. ?We will spend our time wisely preparing for a better and brighter future for all
20. ?We shall rise to the need of the hour and spread love, positivity and hope wherever we go
21. ?We shall comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, but in a good way
22. ?We shall allow people their freedoms in coming closer to their Maker whether they seek to look for the divine within or without, in the mundane or in the profound
23. ?We will roll up our sleeves everyday, not resting until we have done our best for the realization of our goals
24. ?We stand together in all that we do, one pale blue dot...

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