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Imran, 5th June 2017, à l'hopital
Grace, in the Tolkien Mythology *1 and in popular culture.

How long without intimacy does a body take to go mad? How many horror movies will we subject ourselves to without respite? When will we find that soul we keep searching for? Are we willing to go that extra mile for a complete stranger? Do we judge our actions and those of the ones around us with compassion? Did the dark ages really end? Will we really evolve into something better? Who will take the place of Robin Williams, helping to bring us all together? Ask me why, I'll say I love you and I'm always thinking of you! *2

Who? Partha Sarathy - that silent companion within - friend, lover guru. Preceptor Supreme! Who untied the knot of ignorance and laid bare the uttamam rahasyam - the ultimate secret to all life. After Gnana (wisdom), there is Bhakti (devotion) and with illumination, action (Karma) follows.

The deeds that we do will be the matter of song until the End of Days - thus spoke Feanor *1 to his people when asked not to leave Swarga *3, for waging war with the Devil (Melkor *1) himself seemed folly.

But the result of their long strife was the Grace from the Divine (Valar *1) who sent his angels and swans and Premavatars to champion the cause of mankind and Lucifer (Melkor *1) himself was removed from the bounds of the Earth. But his seed itself, he left impregnated in creation.

Then came Olorin (Gandalf *1) to rout out that seed in the battles of the third age. It (Melkor's seed) is still inherent in Creation *4, but much diminished and diffused.

The sprites (Elves *1) have all left, weary of their immortality, but leaving the reins in the hands of those Bright Ones, incarnations of those forced beyond, carrying the Flame Imperishable *1 through their trials and tribulations, for now it is the Sea Inside, that Last Frontier, the Kurukshetra *5 of the heart where the fight has to be won. But we, the Followers *1, Masters of Doom (Turin *1), Warriors of Light *6, Soldiers who fight for love *7, intermediates *8 in an unending stream of evolution.

The yugas or cycles of Humanity have their harmonics at the individual level - that is why there is Evil in times of illumination, and goodness in times of monstrosities.

So coming back to intimacy - a delight in each others lives, for all our Friends and Family - a connect from soul to soul, birth to birth, aeon to aeon.

To live, love, while the flame is strong... and some day when the years have flown, darling then we'll teach the Young Ones of our own. I need you and you need me - Prakriti and Purusha, Manwe and Ulmo *1, Aule and Yavanna *1, Melian and Thingol *1, Beren and Luthien *1, Shiva and Shakthi, Mahakala and Mahakali, Philip and Fritha, Boffin and Starlet, Stormy and Strobe, Roark and Dominique, Shasa and Sara, Johnny and Tracey, Centaine and Lothar...

A time for peace I swear its not too late.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti.

Peace within, peace without, peace manifest everywhere.

*1 - Character(s) / Ideas from Tolkien's Silmarillion.
*2 - Ask me Why - Beatles Song
*3 - Swarga - the Indian version of Heaven / The Garden of Eden
*4 - How Melkor with his malice put out so much of his enery that Evil was inherent in creation. Similar to the Hindu belief that Evil comes from God - "And thou, Melkor, shalt see that no theme may be played that hath not its uttermost source in me, nor can any alter the music in my despite. - God (Eru) in Tolkien's Ainulindale.
*5 - Battlefield in the Mahabharatha where the Bhagawad Gita was propounded.
*6 - Manual of the Warrior of Light - Paulo Coelho
*7 - Burn - Jo Dee Messina
*8 - That man is an intermediate being out of whom superman emerges - Sri Aurobindo

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