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Religion + Islam, Imran, a series begun Sep 2017 in dedication to my teacher Mir Momin Ali and a part of Entheos.

To fully understand each religion, we have to look into the context and time of each, the conditions of its birth etc. Pray one day soon we will stop killing over difference of belief. Do more than pray, dedicate yourself to stamping out this inhuman characteristic, remnant of a time of ignorance. Jesus' time with us was brief, but his messages drove home - "turn the other cheek", "forgive them Father" and "Thy kingdom come" - lessons that are timeless.

If you spend enough time studying all the religions of the world, you fill find that they all speak of love, caring for one another, being of support and use to your family, friends and the people around you, apart from being strong and loving towards yourself.

What is this sraddha that these Seers talk so much of? Faith in a Holy Father, faith in Divine Grace, faith in that Celestial Mother, and faith in mankind [womankind].

Christianity taught us love, Buddhism spiritual discipline, Hinduism spiritual democracy and Islam social order. Remember the Holy Prophet had 27 years to perfectly formulate his message and build his legacy. I'm a Twelver, but I believe the strength of his teaching reaches across to all muslims over the world. Let's live together and never let them divide us again.

Oh wait, everyone who said that, has been killed - Gandhi and Lennon. Faith is the most dangerous thing to play with - the appeal oft disregarded.

Sometimes I wonder what a Ramana or an Aurobindo could have achieved with today's technology and communication media, but I guess their message is below the mainstream deliberately and left for the true seeker to uncover and propagate.

That is just what Entheos is, a platform of promoting a harmonious spiritual democracy, with each member charged with treading gently, mindful of his brother's and sister's seemingly opposing view. To highlight the beauty of all the scriptures and prayers, but most earnestly, to connect man [woman] with his own heart, where one finds the most authoritative scripture, it being the place where the Eternal has his [her] dwelling.

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